"I can gladly recommend Sansom Studios (not just because it’s situated where I grew up!). There’s a great piano in a fantastic sounding and comfortable live room. Not only are the Sansom boys a pleasure to work with, they bring an ideal combined blend of sound engineer knowledge and musican ears to the session."

- Percy Pursglove

"I loved the vibe at Sansom Studios. Olly and Elliott’s enthusiasm and love for the music are infectious and will transform every recording session. Also, a great instrument like their Yamaha S6 grand piano doesn’t hurt. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to work at Sansom Studios."

- Pablo Held

"I recorded with Alex Merritt and Steve Fishwick at Sansom Studios a couple of years ago, for our debut album which will be released on the Fresh Sound label. 
Beyond the fantastic piano, great space and awesome sound, Sansom Studios has what every great studio needs - a great musician as an engineer."

- John Turville

"I find Sansom Studios a really great place to record. It has a wonderful atmosphere in the room that I find is so open to creativity. Olly the engineer really knows his stuff and is always there to make the musicians feel comfortable so that all they have to do concentrate on the music. I have recorded many times there and the end results are always superb quality. I can't recommend it highly enough."

- Paul Dunmall

"So happy to have discovered this studio recently!  The piano is magic, and Olly and Elliott have poured their energy into making the space next level, thanks guys for a fab recording session. Will be back very soon for sure!"

- Rebecca Nash

"As someone who gets super nervous when the red light goes on, I need all the help I can get when it comes to recording music, especially my own music. Sansom Studios aren't just a great place to record, but are great facilitators of music making. I imagine it can often be a thankless task making sure everything's sorted and taken care of, but coming into this studio the only thing I've ever needed to think about is the music - a rarity in these situations. The quality of the equipment, including their incredible piano, combined with their expertise and experience makes for sound quality that speaks for itself. I really do love this place and these guys!"

- Xhosa Cole

"Recording at Sansom Studios was a great experience. The recording space is fantastic and the piano is of very high quality, two things that are difficult to find in recording studios that aren't at the higher end of the price spectrum. We had a very smooth and enjoyable day of recording and we were very happy with the recorded results. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone!"

- Steve Fishwick

"Recording at Sansom Studios was a joy. The space they has created has a wonderful acoustic, a fantastic piano and top-end equipment. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to record their music in a professional, inspiring environment"

- James Copus

"I had a great session at Sansom Studios. Olly and Elliott are very knowledgable and enthusiastic, and there’s a brilliant piano to work with. The live room has a good natural sound and they have an excellent selection of gear. Highly recommended!"

- Sean Gibbs

"Sansom Studios has everything you would want out of a studio such as a welcoming atmosphere, high quality equipment (mics, piano, drums, speakers) and all at an affordable price. Olly Sansom, the sound engineer and Ben Sansom, the in house videographer, have done exceptional work for me in the past and didn’t stop until it was 100%. Highly recommended from me for all these reasons and also has a very relaxed atmosphere, which is somewhat rare for a lot of studios."

- Sean Payne

"One of the best studios I’ve visited. Excellent piano, great house kit.  Relaxed surroundings and ambience with an invaluable pair of ears behind the desk. Totally satisfied and will return for sure."

- Clark Tracey

"Elliott and Olly have created a beautiful space to work in which is welcoming, relaxing, aesthetically-pleasing and conducive to a relaxed, natural feeling - rare to find in a studio environment. The true acoustic of the room, allied to a sense of space and light, all enhance the experience and as top musicians themselves, Elliott and Olly are a
terrific team to help, not just technically, but around the whole atmosphere and temperament of your session. Importantly, the piano makes this studio probably one of the best options UK-wise. Early sessions with Pablo Held, the Fishwicks, Alex Merrit and Gareth Fowler, speak for themselves in terms of the creative outcomes and the warmth of how the music communicates in this context. For any jazz line up, (and I would imagine most classical situations), this has got to be serious consideration for all European artists. I'm sure these guys are going to be extremely busy."

- Mike Williams

"Both times I have recorded at Sansom Studios I have found it to be an extremely welcoming, well equipped and super organised studio and a lovely environment to work in. The most recent time I recorded there was very tight against the clock and Olly and Elliott worked very hard to help us get the most out of the short amount of time we had. The room also has a beautiful live sound, a wonderful piano and great separation between drums, horns and piano and bass. I would highly recommend the studio as a place to record and Olly and Elliot as a brilliant team to work with."

- Alex Merritt

"Olly and Elliott have done a remarkable job with this studio. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the space is decorated tastefully. I feel inspired to make music here! The recordings themselves that come out of here are truly top quality, no surprise when you look at the microphones, instruments and other gear on offer, complemented with Olly’s engineering expertise. I have made many records here and I sure hope to make many more, I would 100% recommend this studio."

- James Owston