Sansom Studios is continuing to run recording sessions, providing the government advice indicates it is still safe to do so. As of 2nd November 2020, the Musician’s Union has received confirmation from the government that recording studios can continue to operate during the current lockdown. We remain up to date with the latest advice and are implementing the following to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We ask that anyone attending a session read this guidance carefully and adhere to it during your session.


  • Anyone who displays symptoms of COVID-19 is asked not to attend the session and self-isolate. We have updated our cancellation policy to allow anyone with symptoms to postpone a session at any time without penalty. Please be aware that we reserve the right to postpone sessions at any time.

  • If a person shows Covid-19 symptoms during a session, then they will be sent home or to their accommodation by private transport and instructed to seek medical advice from the NHS.


  • We ask everybody to follow GOV.UK guidance, particularly on public transport, when travelling to the studio.

  • Please keep your group size to an absolute minimum. We ask clients to stagger their attendance where possible to minimise the number of people in the studio at any one time.


  • Please ensure that everyone on your session brings a mask or face covering.

  • We ask that musicians use face coverings at all times when not playing and that clients, crew and visitors use face coverings at all times.


  • We urge our clients and staff to move around the building slowly and with care.

  • When using the stairs, be aware of 2m distancing, do not cross on the stairs and give people space to go first before continuing yourself.

  • When you reach the top of the stairs you are in the kitchen area, which is limited to two people at a time.

  • Care must be taken when walking through the waiting room corridor. The waiting room is a small space and is only suitable for one person to walk through at a time. If you see someone in the waiting room before you walk through, then wait for them to exit before entering.

  • The control room is limited to two people at a time. The live room can accommodate up to six people.


  • Hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes will be available in all rooms of the studio to sterilise hands and equipment, and all necessary touch points in the studio will be sterilised before and after every session.

  • Musicians must not touch any items of studio equipment. All microphones, mic stands, cables, electronic equipment etc must not be touched.

  • Advisory/guidance hand wash signage will be displayed throughout the studio.


  • All clients and staff are required to bring their own food for their time at the studio.

  • Tea and coffee facilities will remain available, but hands must be sanitised before and after using the kitchen area. Clients must use the kitchen area one person at a time and only make a drink for themselves.


  • Sansom Studios will perform deep cleaning of the studio between projects and sessions.

  • We will disinfect common touch areas in the morning, throughout the day and after session breaks. There will be specific cleaning of musician equipment: chairs, headphones, music stands.


  • All internal doors will remain open at all times, except when recording.

  • The front door to the building will be opened at regular intervals throughout the day when recording is not in progress, to allow fresh air to flow through the studio.

  • We will use a portable air conditioning unit in between recording, which will bring fresh air directly into the live room space.